Clean Up Australia Day :)

Today the 27th Feb it was Clean Up Australia day.

Our school was split up into a few groups with a person from the Environment  team and got dedicated to a place in our school. Our class went and cleaned up at the front of our school were the Hall, Church and pick up area is.

We also got to dress in cleaning clothes or something to do with cleaning.  It was fun dressing up!!

cleane australia day

Ways to help the environment:

Clean up

Don’t litter

Use environmental friendly things e.g  recycled toilet paper

Take care of Australia


Today I’m going to tell you about sports.

Do you play sport?

I play sport including: Basketball, Soccer and Footy.

I’ve been playing since I was 7.

My favorite sport is Basketball but I like Soccer the same amount as I like Basketball.


Please answer all questions. Thanks.

John Pearce comes to talk to us about science

Today the 20th of Feb Mr John Pearce comes and tell us about Molecules, Atoms, Electrons and Energy.

We did a few activities. Here are the activities that we did: Classifying & Organizing solids – liquids, we acted as ice cubes breaking into water and water turning into gas and at the end we felt the different break downs of sugar.

It was fun my favorite part was the sugar bit because we got to eat the sugar!!!!