My Story

Jeff the Dragon

On a dark and gloomy day in a mystical land called Fairy tale land where everything was different, there lived a dragon called Jeff. Jeff was Blue and black with green eyes and sharp teeth. Jeff could also breath fire.


One day as Jeff was on the hunt for food, it started to rain and this was the first time that he had flown in the rain but he kept flying. He thought that nothing would happen but something did happen. All of a sudden Jeff couldn’t fly anymore. He thought that it was because he wasn’t used to flying in the rain but later on he figured out that it was because the raindrops were soaking into him and he was getting too heavy. He tried to invent wing covers but they weren’t that easy to make because he flew so high the covers kept burning from the lightning and thunder, so he decides to bring more than one wing cover so if one gets burnet he has another to keep him in the sky. He’s happy!!


A few weeks later he runs out of covers and gets worried and he doesn’t know what to do so he decides to walk and run when he goes hunting. 2 weeks later he gives up on walking and running and doesn’t have enough food to last till summer so he starts to think of what he could do to make his food last till summer without him starving. He decides to make 3 more pairs of wing covers to get more food only once every week.

He makes it to summer without starving and is happy. He lives a happy life and does not ever have to worry about starving again!!