Sovereign Hill

On Friday the 24th of July I went to Sovereign Hill, Ballarat with my class and the rest of the seniors. We were put into groups with either a teacher or a parent. I was with Pauline my friend Jacobs mum, I was lucky because I had a lot of my friends in my group. We were allowed to bring $5-$10 to buy souvenirs, lollies and other things, I brought $10. 

At Sovereign Hill they have a gold panning river, where you can pan for gold leaves and shreds, I was unlucky because I didn’t find any gold but a lot of other people did!

We got to go see a man smelt gold into a gold bar and then we went into a mine shaft to see/hear what mine shafts looked like. Also, in the mine shaft we got to see a replica of the ‘Welcome Nugget’. I also saw a real mine shaft. It looked really cool! We saw some animals like horses, rams/sheep, turkeys and more. There was also a few kids dressed up like people from the 1850’s and acting like them as well.

We got to go around and look in all the old stores, the stores had things like lollies, clothes, gold objects, candles and more.

I learnt that…

  • If you didn’t have a miners license then you weren’t allowed to mine or dig for gold, the licenses cost 30 shillings.
  • When people came to mine for gold they had to sleep in tents or huts.
  • Richard Jeffery found the ‘Welcome Nugget’.
  • When people came from other countries they started a business to got them some money and the women used to sow and stitch things.
  • It could take months for people to arrive here from other countries on boats because planes had not been invented yet. 

I had the BEST TIME EVER at Sovereign Hill!

3 things I did on my holiday

On the term 2 holidays I went to see the movie Minions at Village cinemas at Doncaster WestFeild with my little cousin Selina, Mum, Joel, Louie, Aunty Elizabeth, Diana, Diana’s sister, Diana’s sister’s daughter, Lody and George. The movie was very funny but it was kind of annoying because you didn’t know what the minions were saying. The main minions were Bob, Stuart aminions_2015-wide1nd Kevin       I had fun!!

 On Wednesday the 8th of July my friend Dylan came over to my house and we played Mario Party 9 on the Wii, Minecraft on the PS3 and Basketball outside. Then we had frankfurts, pizza and sausage rolls for lunch. After lunch Dylan and I walk down to orchard grove park and we saw Ryan, Ben, Dylan’s brother Riley and my brother Louie. We played and talked with them. When we got back to my house we jumped on the trampoline and then played Monopoly Empire. Then sadly Dylan had to go back home.

The next day on Thursday I went my friend Zacs 11th birthday party. I got  to Zacs house at 9:30am and Jackson was already there. Then at 10:00am we went to bounce. After Bounce we ate cake at Zacs house. It was Yum! Then we played Heads Up on his IPAD. I had a great time!!

I Loved the Holidays!!


Term 2 reflection

 This term has been a fun term, I learnt some new things in maths, did some cool art, had a lot of sport and a lot of other awesome activities.

For maths we learnt about shapes, volume/capacity, angles, location/mapping, negative, composite and prime numbers, subtraction, and more! I enjoyed learning about negative numbers because we watched this funny video called negative ninja. This is the video-

     It was funny!!

For art we did zentangles, silhouette trees, caricatures, ANZAC soldiers and nurses, we also did a big paper tree then we all made a branch each and put it together it looked really cool! We did lots of other art. I love art!

This term we did a lot of different sport activity’s including winter inter school sports, a basketball clinic and an awesome soccer tournament. With the soccer tournament our school had a boys’ team and a girls’ team. The two teams had to verse other teams that are the same gender as them. The boys’ team got to the grand final but the girl’s weren’t as lucky, the boy’s had to go into extra time but in extra time as the other team got the ball and was about to shoot a goal the referees changed it to Golden Goal and we lost. )=  We had a fun time anyway!          


I can’t wait till next term…