Tropical Rainforest Biome

My favourite biome is the Tropical Rainforests. I like tropical rainforests because there are many different types of beautiful animals living there. Some of the animals that live in the tropical rainforests are Orangutans, Chimpanzees, Orangutan, Toco Toucans and many more. In the tropical rain all the animals are in their natural habitat. 

I also like the tropical rainforest because most of the time it’s wet but it is still warm. In the tropical rainforests there is about 50 – 260 inches of rainfall each year.  The temperature in a rainforest rarely gets higher than 34°C or lower than 20°C, the average humidity is between 77 and 88% which is humid. 

Rainforests cover less than 6% of the Earth’s land surface. Scientists think that more than half of all the world’s plant and animal species live in the tropical rainforests. Tropical rainforests create 40% of Earth’s oxygen. About 1/4 of all the medicines we use come from  the plants in the rainforest.

CENTRAL AMERICA, THE AMAZON, AFRICA, SOUTHERN ASIA and AUSTRALASIA(Queensland) are where the main Rainforests are.

What is your favourite Biome?

1 thing that I did on the Holidays

On Saturday the 3rd of October, 2015 (AFL Grand Final Day) my family, I and some family friends, Joe(The Dad), Diana(The Mum), Emma(The older sister) and Tarlya(The younger sister) went to Yarra Glen Park in Yarra Glen. At the park we had a race I came first with Emma who is 10 followedswing by Joel then Louie and Tarlya who is 6. Then we went on a swing that is a circle and you spin around on it until it makes you dizzy. 

Then we ate pizza rolls for lunch. It was GOOD!

After we went and played playground tiggy on the playground. After a while we got bored of playing that so we went and played in the sand pit. The sand pit had a pile of rocks all nailed together with a button that you push and then water comes out of the top and makes a waterfall, We thought about what we could make with it then I came up with the idea of making a mini pool around the rocks so we did that. Then we found a drinking fountain on the border of sand pit so Emma and I made a channel leading 1 sandfrom the drinking fountain to the pool. It worked for a while but we got sick of pressing the button on the drinking fountain so we scrapped that idea. When we finished the pool it  looked like the rocks were a little island and the water a round was the beach so our parents came and took a photo of our creation.

After we got all the sand off us and put our shoes on we left to go to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie. When we got there the first thing we did was fill our hands up with little chocolate buttons and find a table before there is none left to sit at. Then my dad and Joe lined up at the ice cream line for us. Then when they got to the front we picked our flavours. They had so many DELICIOUS flavours to choose from it took about 10 minutes for me to decide on what flavour to pick, over all that decision making I choose rocky Road because it had marshmallows, chocolate and little lollies in it. It was YUMMY!!! Then we went outside and played in the farmland they had there on the hill. We raced down to the bottom of the hill but I ended up rolling down the hill. At the 1 kangabottom of the hill they had a lot of very strangely decorated plastic kangaroos and a lake. Sadly the parents came down and told us that we have to go so we walked up the hill and to our car but on the way to our car we saw a white stretch Hummer. It looked so cool. Then we all said goodbye to each other and drove home. On the way home we watch The Lego Movie.

My favorite part of the day was making the rock island/pool and of course eating the chocolate!! 

After all I think I had the best day ever!!