How are we called to care for our Common Home?

This term for Inquiry we have been learning about the environment and how we are called to care for our common home. We have been on a few excursions to help us learn about our topic, one of the excursions was to Jawbone Marine Sanctuary. Read more at

Ways that we can care for our common home:

  • Buy solar powered devices and stop pay electricity bills

  • If you own a farm make wind turbines

  • Not litter 

  • Don’t drive your car as much-share a car

I am now working on a project about Pollution on land (Littering/Rubbish) with my friend Ryan. The Global Goal that we have picked is Life on Land and the Catholic Social Teaching that we picked is Steward of Creation.

School Production

On the 29th of October our school had a school production. The school production was based on a dragon called puff who wanted to be part of a fairy tale.

The Seniors got to audition for a main part, I auditioned and I got to be King Triton from Under the sea. 3 people got to be Puff and they had 4 scenes each. My class danced to Who’s that Girl and Uptown Funk, we also did a seniors dance to all the single ladies.

I think everyone had a really good time because I sure had a great time!

Ghost Bats

Today I presented my  Australian animal research to my table. I did the Ghost Bat.

Ryan did the Easter Bearded Dragon.

Will did the Fat-Tailed Dunnart.

Lauren did the Bare nosed wombat.

Jasmine did the Bandicoot.

Jawbone Marine Sanctuary

What do you perceive or understand about the Sanctuary?

  • My understanding about the sanctuary is that it is home to many marine creatures and is also home to birds like pelicans and seagulls. I also understand that the community at Jawbone are doing their best to keep the environment clean and friendly to animals.


What do you know and believe about the sanctuary?

  • I believe that Jawbone Marine sanctuary needs to be kept clean and under protection because there are a lot of animals and plants that need to be protected there.


What do you need to do to care for the sanctuary?

  • Clean up all the rubbish that is there and not littre because the animals could mistaken the rubbish for food.