My Favourite Thing I did on my holiday!

My favourite thing that I did on my holiday was going to the park with Oliver and Zac.

At the park we played soccer. We each took turns at being goalie playing 1 on 1. Then we moved over to the small goals. While we were playing we saw Will C playing and we told him to play with us. 

At 2:30 pm we stopped playing and went to watch Louie at his basketball camp. While we were there, there was a spear court so Ollie, Zac, Joel and I played some basketball. When we got home we played Fifa 14. Me and Ollie were on a team and Zac and Joel were on a team. Me and Ollie were Germany and Zac and Joel were Argentina. Me and Ollie won!!😃⚽🇩🇪

After we dropped Ollie and Zac home.