Alex Jesaulenko

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Alex Jesaulenko was born in Salzburg, Austria on the 2 August 1945. Jesaulenko moved with his family to Australia at the age of three and a half. As a youngster he displayed a prodigious talent for ball games, particularly soccer and rugby. Then, aged fourteen, he was introduced to Australian football by a group of friends and a legend was born. 

Jesaulenko commenced his senior football career with East lake and was a member of that club’s 1964, ’65 and ’66 premiership sides. Before he made his senior debut he had begun to attract the attention of clubs in the VFL. At first, North Melbourne looked favorite to procure his signature, but in the end Carlton got the signature. 

Alex Jesaulenko has made the AFL one of the biggest sports events ever in Australia and he is very inspiring. He has proved that you don’t have to be Australian to be great at Football!

Good on ya Jezza!

These are some stats about Jezza


Career : 1967 – 1979
Carlton Player No. 793
Games : 256
Goals : 424
Height : 182 cm (5 ft. 11½ in.)
Weight : 89 kgs (14 stone, 0 lbs.)
DOB : August 2, 1945
Premiership Player: 1968, 1970, 1972, 1979
Captain: 1975, 1976
Captain-Coach: 1978, 1979
Best and Fairest: 1975

Sovereign Hill

On Friday the 24th of July I went to Sovereign Hill, Ballarat with my class and the rest of the seniors. We were put into groups with either a teacher or a parent. I was with Pauline my friend Jacobs mum, I was lucky because I had a lot of my friends in my group. We were allowed to bring $5-$10 to buy souvenirs, lollies and other things, I brought $10. 

At Sovereign Hill they have a gold panning river, where you can pan for gold leaves and shreds, I was unlucky because I didn’t find any gold but a lot of other people did!

We got to go see a man smelt gold into a gold bar and then we went into a mine shaft to see/hear what mine shafts looked like. Also, in the mine shaft we got to see a replica of the ‘Welcome Nugget’. I also saw a real mine shaft. It looked really cool! We saw some animals like horses, rams/sheep, turkeys and more. There was also a few kids dressed up like people from the 1850’s and acting like them as well.

We got to go around and look in all the old stores, the stores had things like lollies, clothes, gold objects, candles and more.

I learnt that…

  • If you didn’t have a miners license then you weren’t allowed to mine or dig for gold, the licenses cost 30 shillings.
  • When people came to mine for gold they had to sleep in tents or huts.
  • Richard Jeffery found the ‘Welcome Nugget’.
  • When people came from other countries they started a business to got them some money and the women used to sow and stitch things.
  • It could take months for people to arrive here from other countries on boats because planes had not been invented yet. 

I had the BEST TIME EVER at Sovereign Hill!

3 things I did on my holiday

On the term 2 holidays I went to see the movie Minions at Village cinemas at Doncaster WestFeild with my little cousin Selina, Mum, Joel, Louie, Aunty Elizabeth, Diana, Diana’s sister, Diana’s sister’s daughter, Lody and George. The movie was very funny but it was kind of annoying because you didn’t know what the minions were saying. The main minions were Bob, Stuart aminions_2015-wide1nd Kevin       I had fun!!

 On Wednesday the 8th of July my friend Dylan came over to my house and we played Mario Party 9 on the Wii, Minecraft on the PS3 and Basketball outside. Then we had frankfurts, pizza and sausage rolls for lunch. After lunch Dylan and I walk down to orchard grove park and we saw Ryan, Ben, Dylan’s brother Riley and my brother Louie. We played and talked with them. When we got back to my house we jumped on the trampoline and then played Monopoly Empire. Then sadly Dylan had to go back home.

The next day on Thursday I went my friend Zacs 11th birthday party. I got  to Zacs house at 9:30am and Jackson was already there. Then at 10:00am we went to bounce. After Bounce we ate cake at Zacs house. It was Yum! Then we played Heads Up on his IPAD. I had a great time!!

I Loved the Holidays!!


Term 2 reflection

 This term has been a fun term, I learnt some new things in maths, did some cool art, had a lot of sport and a lot of other awesome activities.

For maths we learnt about shapes, volume/capacity, angles, location/mapping, negative, composite and prime numbers, subtraction, and more! I enjoyed learning about negative numbers because we watched this funny video called negative ninja. This is the video-

     It was funny!!

For art we did zentangles, silhouette trees, caricatures, ANZAC soldiers and nurses, we also did a big paper tree then we all made a branch each and put it together it looked really cool! We did lots of other art. I love art!

This term we did a lot of different sport activity’s including winter inter school sports, a basketball clinic and an awesome soccer tournament. With the soccer tournament our school had a boys’ team and a girls’ team. The two teams had to verse other teams that are the same gender as them. The boys’ team got to the grand final but the girl’s weren’t as lucky, the boy’s had to go into extra time but in extra time as the other team got the ball and was about to shoot a goal the referees changed it to Golden Goal and we lost. )=  We had a fun time anyway!          


I can’t wait till next term…

My Story

Jeff the Dragon

On a dark and gloomy day in a mystical land called Fairy tale land where everything was different, there lived a dragon called Jeff. Jeff was Blue and black with green eyes and sharp teeth. Jeff could also breath fire.


One day as Jeff was on the hunt for food, it started to rain and this was the first time that he had flown in the rain but he kept flying. He thought that nothing would happen but something did happen. All of a sudden Jeff couldn’t fly anymore. He thought that it was because he wasn’t used to flying in the rain but later on he figured out that it was because the raindrops were soaking into him and he was getting too heavy. He tried to invent wing covers but they weren’t that easy to make because he flew so high the covers kept burning from the lightning and thunder, so he decides to bring more than one wing cover so if one gets burnet he has another to keep him in the sky. He’s happy!!


A few weeks later he runs out of covers and gets worried and he doesn’t know what to do so he decides to walk and run when he goes hunting. 2 weeks later he gives up on walking and running and doesn’t have enough food to last till summer so he starts to think of what he could do to make his food last till summer without him starving. He decides to make 3 more pairs of wing covers to get more food only once every week.

He makes it to summer without starving and is happy. He lives a happy life and does not ever have to worry about starving again!!

The Use of Commas (,)

Using commas,

You can use commas after you write a name e.g.: Jeff, please finish your homework.

You can also use commas to write a list e.g.: Basketball, Soccer, Cricket, Netball and Tennis are all ball sports.

You also use commas when you have a list and it says something like-We had coffee, cheese and crackers, and grapes.-see how I put a comma after crackers to say that cheese and crackers were one thing.

Don’t use commas in something like this – He walked all the way home, he shut the door. – It should be written like this – He walked all the way home. He shut the door or After he walked all the way home, he shut the door.

If you know anything else about commas then tell me by commenting on my post!


My Board Game – The Justice Game

For 2 weeks our class had to each make a board game for homework.

I based my board game on monopoly.

This is what my mum and dad said about the game:

Mum- All the hard work has paid off! What a wonderful family game to play (monopoly) The Justice Game!  It is so much fun and you really have to use your brain for.

Dad- Wow! Angelo I was really impressed how entertaining it was to play and we had some good laughs at some of the twists in the game. Good job son!

Thi9s is my board game!

Thi9s is my board game!

Board Games


When: Monopoly existed as early as 1902

Where: Monopoly was invented by an American called Elizabeth Magie

Why: Monopoly was invented to demonstrate the evils of land ownership


When: Scrabble was invented in 1949

Where: Scrabble was invented by Alfred Mosher Butts in America

Why: Alfred Mosher Butts just decided he wanted to invent a board game and called it scrabble 

My Holidays

Today was the first day back at school for term 2 after an awesome holiday. These are some of the things that I did on my holidays.

The first week of the school holidays I went to my friend Dylan’s house. At Dylan’s house we played basketball, monopoly, PS3 and we also went bowling. I had a great time. In the same week my friend Zac came over to my house. We had a lot of fun playing Chicken Blaster on the Wii. We also played soccer outside it was awesome. Then it was Easter and my family celebrated holy week. We went to church on Good Friday and made a donation for the Good Friday Appeal. On Easter Sunday my family and I, went to my DSC_0938grandparents house. First we went to my Sittie & Jiddie’s house for lunch and then to my Nonna & Nonno’s house for dinner. I got a lot of Easter eggs and ate a lot of chocolate.

The second week of the school holidays I spent a bit of time making my Lego airplane but not yet complete. I also went to my friend Zac’s house. At Zac’s house we played soccer, darts and we did an experiment by burning leaves with his magnifying glass. It worked but smelt bad! We also went to forest hill chase and had lunch.

On the last day of the holidays I had my first footy game, our team won 50-14. I was very excited!! Then my family and I went to eat dinner at a Chinese dumpling restaurant. It was the first time we ever had Chinese for dinner and I was really full. 

I had a lot of fun on my holidays. It was the best holidays so far!